Application on Deteted Server

I have deleted a server from all monitoring but the monitored application is still alerting as down.  I checked the database and its still in the applications table.


Two questions:


1)  How can I safely remove it?

2)  Why is it still there?





  • I've got something similar...there are a couple of rogue volumes and interfaces that I can't seem to get rid of. For whatever reason, they are tied to a different NodeID than what they are showing up under...I think it's the old NodeID from before the server was rebuilt. Then when it was re-added, they showed up...but are down because obviously they don't exist. I've tried to delete them from the node tree, but it just causes an error, and the manager closes.

     From looking at the DB, I went through and deleted ALL data having to do with the old volume and interface ID's...but they still showed up. I also tried adding them to the "deletedvolumes" and "deletedinterfaces" tables...but still nothing.

     I know this isn't much help, but maybe there is some common issue?

  • Thanks for the input, I think I'll have to open a ticket though (I've been reluctant due to 8.5 release). If I get any relevent info I'll post



  •  I'm having a similar issue.  We retired a switch yet i have 4 interfaces that will not delete and continue to alert.  I've tried adding the interface IDs to the Deleted interface table and manually run DB maintenance and they deleted for about 15 mins and then reappeared.  I've also tried to delete them from the interfaces table directly and they have reappeared as well.  I have also verified the Nod ID assoc. with the interfaces no longer exist in the Nodes table.  Does anyone have an updated info on this issue?