Server and Application Monitor 6.9.1 - Node based licensing

I updated Solarwinds to the latest and greatest and was reading the What's New in SAM 6.9.1 and saw the Node Based Licensing and included free Additional Polling Engines...


When I go to view my license page I see this


So I am wondering what is up with this?  Do I have the APE and node licensing in SAM? Do I have unlimited nodes in SAM?   And I have tried to contact my sales person but they never get back to me unless I am dropping cash and that is all I will say to keep this conversation civil. emoticons_wink.png



  • Your existing component based license has not changed. SAM 6.9.1 simply introduced the option or possibility to purchase node based licenses. There is a conversion from component to node based available but you would need to talk to the aforementioned sales person for the exact detail about how to make that change if you think it is a better option for you. Outside of that there is no change to your existing license and you would not have access to the included polling engines unless you make the change to node based.

  • I have been asking this question for some time and no one has been able to explain it.  Thank you!!

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