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JMX Monitoring

I am trying to monitor JBOSS via JMX. I am able to connect to the JBOSS server with Jconsole from the polling server, so am pretty sure this is not a network connectivity issue. I cannot seem to find a clear doc on how to get this working. The server that has jboss on it has the SW agent installed, but I am aware that JMX does not use the agent.

Any direction is MUCH appreciated!

  • You are right, that monitoring of JMX via SolarWinds Agent is not supported.

    Polling of JMX is done from Orion poller via service called "SolarWinds JMX Bridge" - that is some bridge, which connect world of Java mBeans with world of Microsoft .NET which is propulsion of SolarWinds Orion platform.

    Please, could you provide more details -  which version of JBoss/WildFly ran on your servers you try to monitor?

    Did you try to assign directly some application template or you tried to configure JMX monitor using wizard?

    If you were able to connect via JConsole then here is document which describes how to setup the same monitoring using JMX Monitor - Configuring and Integrating JMX.pdf

  • As a quick update, the JMX Component Monitor is supported on the Linux Agent today.

  • aLTeReGo​ I have a question in regards to the Linux Agent and JMX.

    Does the JMX Bridge talk with the agent to get the metrics locally? We would like to monitor JMX on a Linux server in the cloud, but the cloud server will not have any public IPs. We would set it up as agent initiated communication. The Orion polling engine would not be able to access the jmx port as it wouldn't be exposed.

  • The Linux agent does not make use of the JMX Bridge Service. All JMX queries run locally through the agent itself.

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