Application performance reports in Orion

I can't seem to work out a way to generate application performance & availability reports inside Orion's report writer, I need to be able to start to produce both at an application level rather a server/infrastructure level. I am not a database guy either so wouldn't have a clue about how to get this information out of the database,  or write a custom SQL report.

  • I am with you on this one.  I bought this product with the expectation of reporting features such as those that come with the wireless monitoring application but I was wrong and management is not letting me live it down.  This was how I got them to buy the application monitoring software in the first place.  Management asks me once a week about this because they need to be able to report on applications.  I have posted requests in other places within the forum and keep getting the same reply for the past 6 months "We are working on it".  I almost tried to get them to trade me for a version of IP Monitor so that I can get some type of reports.  If they are integrating IP Monitor or like funtions into Orion for server montioring it might be worth the wait....

     Can someone from SolarWinds please tell us where this stands?  Any explanation of date range or a timeline would be absolutely awesome!


  • Thanks for your feedback.  We are working on the next version of the AM module now called Application Performance Monitor (APM), so your post is very timely!   For more details, see this post.

    Please provide a detailed description of the reports you'd like to see.  I can't make any guarantees, but we'll do our best to incorporate them.

    Additionally, I'd like to invite anyone viewing this post to participate in the APM beta.  We expect to have our 2nd beta build in the next couple of weeks.   If you are interested in participating, please send me a private email and include your email address and Thwack ID.  

  • I just installed APM this week and wham, bam, thank you ma'am, it didn't come with any reports.

    Were there supposed to be some "canned" reports already generated with the install?

    If so, where are they, because I am missing them.

    If not, are you all planning on creating a few, or more, usable reports?

  •  Yes, you should have received canned reports.  Please open a Support ticket ASAP so that we can figure out what happened.

  • APM comes with quite a few OOTB reports.   Have you gone into Report Writer or looked into the Reports list in Orion after installation?

    You should see the following reports:

    • Current Status of Applications
    • Current Status of Monitors
    • Historical – Applications Availability
    • Historical – Monitors Availability
    • Historical – Daily Applications Availability
    • Historical – Daily Monitors Availability
    • Historical – Monitors Response Time 
    • Application CPU Load and Memory