New Modern Dashboard - Alert Stats

Wanted to build a new modern dashboard widget that took the average time to acknowledge an alert and how much time that the alert took to close. 

One item to note is that i excluded alerts that were not acknowledged. Knowing that some alerts may appear and clear faster than anyone in the NOC might be able to handle them. This only focuses on alarms that have been acknowledged and subsequently cleared.

2020-09-08 14_50_20-Window.png

After dragging a new widget, i selected 'KPI Widget' from the list.

2020-09-08 15_02_40-Window.png

I added 2 values, one call 'Time to Acknowledge' and the other was 'Time to Close'

2020-09-08 14_59_58-Window.png

The SWQL query for each is the same except commenting out 1 line.

2020-09-08 15_00_54-Window.png

The first value uses this query. The second value comments out the first ROUND line and uncomments the 2nd ROUND Line.

If you want time longer or shorter than a week you can update the DAYDIFF line and change the amount of days to show, currently set at 7.

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 ROUND( AVG( TOSTRING(MINUTEDIFF(ah.TimeStamp,ack.timestamp))),2) AS [Minutes Until Acknowledged]
--ROUND( AVG( TOSTRING(MINUTEDIFF(ah.TimeStamp,reset.timestamp))),2) AS [Minutes Until Reset]
FROM Orion.AlertHistory ah
LEFT JOIN Orion.AlertObjects ao ON ao.alertobjectid=ah.alertobjectid
LEFT JOIN Orion.AlertConfigurations ac ON ac.alertid=ao.alertid
LEFT JOIN (SELECT timestamp, AlertActiveID, AlertObjectID,message FROM orion.alerthistory ah WHERE eventtype=2) ack ON ack.alertactiveid=ah.AlertActiveID AND ack.alertobjectid=ah.AlertObjectID
LEFT JOIN (SELECT timestamp, AlertActiveID, AlertObjectID FROM orion.alerthistory ah WHERE eventtype=1) reset ON reset.alertactiveid=ah.AlertActiveID AND reset.alertobjectid=ah.AlertObjectID
    AND ah.eventtype=0
    AND ac.Severity IN (1,2,3)
    AND ack.timestamp IS NOT NULL
    AND reset.timestamp IS NOT NULL

Kudos to  for the original post here for the SWQL base i used.