Serv-U Gateway to Serv-U mFTP with Multiple Domains

Our current setup is Serv-U and whitelisted IP to domain XRAY

We're considering adding Serv-U gateway and in Serv-U mFTP a new domain PRAY

So in Serv-U will be Domains

XRAY (whitelisted at firewall and in Serv-U mFTP) NOT broadcasted by Serv-U Gateway

PRAY public broadcasted by Serv-U Gateway, no whitelisting

  • In the image is shown from Public Internet in green URL xRay will be filtered at the Firewall by IP and Authentication by Serv-U mFTP serer; and by adding Serv-U Gateway we'll add a URL to destination server on selected ports; and in  yellow for public access for vendors who do not have a static IP to connect to the domain Pray URL filtered Only by Gateway passing those requests to the mFTP server to authenticate. The image indicates at the firewall for URL/IP which means the destination is filtered from the requested URL and then by the Gateway to the specified IP, but there will be no restriction to the public user's IP because these users do not have static IP

    Although this is not a typical Serv-U mFTP with Gateway implementation, SW engineers have related that this case is within the fair use of their products

  • This looks possible, but since you will not be using the Serv-U Gateway on XRAY, that means you will be using different listeners for the two domains which is not really a problem but just pointing out with the set up you are presenting.

  • Yes, thanks for noticing, that is a purposeful and a co-crux issue to clarify as the PRay (public/pray) domain will be responding to dynamic IP.

    All this until someone offers an mFA that works for automation as well as manual user mFTP actions