Database related questions in combination with ServU MFT

Hi everyone,

we've been running a ServU MFT set up for the last couple of years (2 gateway nodes and 2 backend ServU nodes).
It's generally been a smooth ride, we have about 800 users and quite high volume of traffic were we see about 100'000
file transfers a day (95% of them being in the 10's of kilobytes or less). Currently we're at v15.1.5.10

We have all our user data stored in a ServU generated set of database tables running on SQL Server 2019. We've seen some oddities

1. Is there a way to set up ServU to use stored procedures instead of ad hoc calls? The docs regarding db integration is a bit thin.
    What we observe is that our plan cache in SQL Server, at the moment, contains over 52'000 cached plans for the ServU database
    something that is usually a sign of parameterization issues, but since it's happening "under the hood" in ServU there's no real way
    for us to be able to optimize the queries ourselves, to my knowledge.

2. In the SUUSers table mapping, is there a way to "unmap" things? The table itself is rather wide and unwieldy and contains a plethora
    of columns that we never use, keeping it lean and mean and optimized is our target here in order to provide as fast and stable server
    as possible, both in the DB end and in the ServU end. I see that I can "edit" the mapping, but not delete it?