Event Details Descriptions

Hi Forum,

I'm new to SolarWinds SEM, particularly the Linux Connector and logs selected. I'm not sure if anyone can assist me in translating the event titles that are displaced on the Event Details tab.

The output is slightly different from Windows, and I cannot find the destination machine and source machine on failed logs from Linux, but when it's a successful event on Linux, the event comes with only the source machine, as shown below.

I just need to know what this event heads DetectionIP, ToolAlias, ProviderSID, ExtraneousInfo, Severity, FailureReason, DestinationLogonID when its a Linux based event as shown in the screenshots.


  • In Most Cases, the extraneous info has information that can not be parsed correctly so I would first filter by tool alias for the Linux connector and then do a filter search using wild cards "*hostname [name]*" 

    you can make a custom filters and rules for particular machines would help in the log run.