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Alert on enabled user in a specific OU

We have an OU in Windows Active Directory specifically for disabled user objects, with sub-OUs for different departments. For example, the base OU is OU=Disabled Users,DC=domain,DC=com, with child OUs of OU=Department,OU=Disabled Users,DC=domain,DC=com.

Is there a way to alert on a user object in the base or child OUs when it's enabled? The Event types "UserEnable" and "Auditable User Events" don't show an OU for the user object, and no search for that base OU shows specifically for a User Enable event.

  • I have a rule sent for this personally this is windows Security toolalias I have set for my DC node group

    eventype UserEnable you can filter more ou that was not possible for me I added users to disable security group and add the directory service group to SEM

  • How I got around this: I've got SEM sending an email to an account, which then triggers a Microsoft Power Automate Desktop flow to read the username from the email and check the OU.