SEM adding a Aruba 7000 Switch/WLC

I am trying to add a Aruba 7010 version 

I used the following Aruba website to get the logging server set up :

Then I went into SEM and added the Nodes=>Manager Connectors and added Aruba, Aruba 2930 and Aruba 3x to the connectors and started them. 

no joy, 

I changed the facility level on the Aruba to various numbers, still no joy getting the device to show up...


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  • I attempted to make sure that what is on the Aruba controller matches what is in Orion for the facility level and have change the facility level 8 times.  0-7. It very well could be the threshold...I will check to see if I can see the log files in the CLI...It is Friday afternoon I will check that on Monday and let you know

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