Millions of host SecurityCenter Errors in your SEM? ProviderSID SecurityCenter 17?

Do you have millions of SecurityCenter Errors in your SEM for many hosts? ProviderSID SecurityCenter 17?  SourceAccount Unable to resolve username.

If you do I found out what's causing them... it's 3rd party security products like SEP.  I use SEP and have these many many events in SEM... too many.  Event ID 17 is Security Center failed to validate caller with error %1.  This is an error generate due to issues with Microsoft AM PPL feature... whatever that is???

Good news!  I found out the Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.2 RU1 or newer fixes this error in SEM.  MS says it's a 3rd party security software problem.  I'm moving my hosts to newer SEP and finally this noise of errors is going away!