Is there a good “Integrated Windows Automatic login” howto document?

Is there a good complete resource for setting up SolarWinds web server for integrated windows authentication, specifically while being in a cluster? 

By “integrated windows auth”, I mean where it uses the currently logged in user information from windows and does not prompt for login/password.


I’ll add a post about what I have done and where I am currently, but I primarily want to know if there is a good how-to page already out there for this.

  • Here's where I am:

    * Orion version: 2022.4.1

    * additional web server:

    * polling engines, web servers, and workstations are all in the same domain.

    * DNS alias that points to the above server name

        *  This will eventually be on the F5 load balancer, but a DNS alias should be a good proof of concept.

    * In Orion ->  Settings -> All Settings -> Web Console Settings -> Windows Account Login: enable automatic login

    * if I go to the server by it’s name,, then I am not prompted for credentials, it just uses my current logged in user.  So I know it *can* handle Windows integrated authentication. 

    * If I go to, then it goes to the login.aspx page.  I can login, where I have to type my username and password.

    * I created a user, "DOMAIN\OrionWebServers"

    * In IIS Manager, I change the "SolarWinds Orion Application Pool" Identity to a custom account with the user I created above.

    *  Also in IIS manager, went into the site “SolarWinds NetPerfMon” -> Authentication.  Make sure Windows Authentication is enabled. 

    * I added the SPN “HTTP/” to the user created above.

    * I added the user to the local IIS_IUSRS group (just for debugging I even added the user to the local administrators group)

    * I configured the user account to be "Trusted for delegation."


    Still goes to the login page, but going to the server name logs right in without prompting.  What am I missing and is there any way to debug it?

  • Anyone?

    Having the same problem. Solarwinds is so ***. Product with years of history has no documentation for basic functionality and no even basic support.