Poller HA state with API


i want to have the status of my Poller HA with a API request, is that possible ?

If yes, with what SQL request?

(I am a new administrator on ORION, sorry if my request has already been requested)

Have a good day,


  • Hey Dylan, welcome to the mad world that is SolarWinds Slight smile

    First off I heartily recommend you head over here: https://github.com/solarwinds/OrionSDK and grab SWQL Studio. The latest release as of writing is: 3.1.343 - then install it on one of your SolarWinds boxes or anywhere in fact that can get access to the DB. The name suggests that it isn't quite SQL, and you'd be right, this is SWQL which is a 'slimmed' version of SQL. It has most of the verbs, etc but not all e..g, there's no SELECT * but instead you'd do a SELECT TOP 10 or number of your choice.

    I can't immediately find an answer but I will keep digging.

    However the following query will get all your polling engines, web servers, etc  (HA or otherwise)  and report on their status. The two columns of interest for me would be AgentStatus and Connection Status.  So for AgentStatus, 1 = all OK, 2 is Update Available, 5 is reboot pending. Hopefully your ConnectionStatus should always be 1 (as in UP and responding).

    SELECT AgentId, NodeId, Hostname, IP, ConnectionStatus, ConnectionStatusMessage, ConnectionStatusTimestamp, AgentStatus, AgentStatusMessage, AgentStatusTimestamp
    FROM Orion.AgentManagement.Agent

    So you could embed this into a report or a widget, etc