Administrator Guide SolarWinds Orion

Has anyone written their own internal SolarWinds Orion Admin Guide. I need to provide one for the 3rd Line Support team and I need a list of certain topics to include within the document.

The list that I have so far is;

User Accounts - Admin, SQL, AD Groups etc...
URL - Each  Web Server, LB URL
Hostnames, IP Addresses, Server Spec, Job Role etc..
Admin Tasks - Add/Delete Users etc...
Troubleshooting - Log files, serivces to monitor/restart etc...

  • No, but that's an interesting idea. Are you looking to provide the information in more focused, condensed form as a working script, or to make something customized to your organization's standards and workflows?

  • So I created something similar to an administrator's guide to maintaining a clients environment. 

    The key areas I focused on were;

    SolarWinds Orion Basics
    Introduction to SolarWinds Orion Platform
    Log in to the Orion Web Console
    Browser Requirements
    Pre-Requisites for logging into SolarWinds
    SolarWinds Website Login
    Navigate Web Console
    Server & IP List (per environment)
    Load Balancer
    Active Directory Connectivity
    User Accounts
    Error Log Locations
    SQL Configuration
    SQL Service Accounts
    SQL Server Agent Jobs
    Normal Operation
    Failover to Secondary Site
    Restore back to Primary Site
    Scheduled Tasks
    Software Version Information
    User Access
    Add Individual User Account
    Delete Individual User Account
    Add AD Security Group
    Delete AD Security Group
    Run an Ad-Hoc Report
    Run a Scheduled Report
    Create a Report
    Delete a Report
    Import/Export of Reports
    Module Specific Reports
    Create an Alert
    Delete an Alert
    Enable and disable alerts
    Action types
    Import/Export of Alerts
    Import/Export of Alerts
    View the Event Monitor
    Filtering Displayed Event Logs
    View node-specific events
    Create a Classic Dashboard
    Create a Modern Dashboard
    Delete a Dashboard
    Performance Analysis (PerfStack) Dashboard
    Health Check
    Reboot Sequence
    SolarWinds Upgrade
    Pre-stage installation files (optional)
    Pre-stage files in an online environment
    Pre-stage installation files in an offline environment
    Upgrade your Orion deployment
    Windows Server Updates
    Retrieving Logging Diagnostics
    Collecting diagnostics
    Stop / Restart of SolarWinds Services
    Disaster Recovery
    High Availability Failover
    LDAP Authentication
    Active Directory Group Setup
    System Integrations
    Active Directory Integration
    Integration specific
    Custom Properties Fields
    Network Discovery
    SQL Service AD Account
    Backup Server VM and files
    Restore Server VM and files from Backup Point
    Further Help

    Hope this helps.