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SQL HA AlwaysOn - Basic Availability Groups or Advance Availability groups

Hello Team,

We're trying to implement HA on our SQL database and Always on is the preferred option. We're also implementing a Multi-subnet HA using Microsoft DNS for our MPE and APE with 1 AWS. 

The plan was to use SQL AlwaysOn and upgrade/acquire a SQL Enterprise license but the cost of per-core licensing is really high.

I've read that the Basic availability groups are only needs SQL Standard licensing and is sufficient for Orion's need but need to get recommendations from those who are familiar with the setup. 

Aside from the difference in features between basic and advance what else can be considered? Issues?


  • Hi,  We have just completed a setup of Basic Availability Groups for the Solarwinds main Database.  we have it set as a file share whitness as we dont have a clustered storage for the DB also a cost saving.  the mian pollers are also in a HA pool that are set to auto fail over but due to using BAG's w

    e have a manual failover on the SQL DB.  when failing over it is a good idea to stop all polling activity on any pollers or web servers.


  • Hi craazyjohn,

    Do you have a single Orion database?

    We now have three separate databases for OrionLog, OrionNTA and SolarWIndsOrion.

    In a basic availability group would that require three Availability groups and three listeners?

    Terry Kay