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Heartbeat Monitoring

Hello Pingdom

I looked in your documentation, but could not find how to add a heartbeat monitoring?

That is to add a

curl "<pingdom-url>"

command at the end of my scripts to monitor them.

We have few services which are unreachable from the outside, so the regular checks from pingdom cannot be used. I need outgoing hearbeats to be monitored by Pingdom.

Please can you direct me as to where to find this feature?

Thank you in advance.

  • I may be mistaken, but from your post above it sounds like you are wanting to perform your own uptime checks using curl/wget/etc. then have those results sent to Pingdom to be alerted and reported upon. Is that correct? 

  • Thanks for your answer

    Not exactly as you described it.

    As you know, the way pingdom works (as many other monitoring solutions) is regular polling of some resources, like a TCP port or a certain web page, so from pingdom to the customer, and that requires that service to be reachable from pingdom servers.

    What I'm asking is the other way round, that is the customer pinging pingdom servers every so often. The way it's done in some other monitoring companies is that you create a heartbeat check in your pingdom interface, and that delivers you a randomly generated specific URL.

    Whenever your service polls this URL, the pingdom server considers your heart is still beating, ie your service is still up.

    So that allows monitoring resources that are unreachable from the outside, but can access the internet, typically our servers are behind our provider's Reverse Proxy.

  • Unfortunately what you describe is not possible today in Pingdom, but can be done in AppOptics.