Install Office 365 - XML style

I am trying to upgrade our Endpoints that have Office 2010 and 2016 to Office 365. I used the Configuration portal for O365 to get the XML file and download the Cab files. Tested it locally on a machine, and it works. 

My problem is translating that into a PM package to deploy to endpoints ( WIN10 Laptops/Desktops - Not servers). I got it to the point where it "downloads the files" but does not install. Well, it says it installed, but doesn't. Or I get an error when it doesn't install: cannot find the file specified HRESULT: 0x80070002.  - When I looked it up, it indicates the Window service on the PC. 

Currently, I am looking at the Applicability rules and have the following: 

Does anyone have a similar experience and/or suggestions on the SWPM package creation that can assist?