Re-platform Patch Manager Server

Hi, I would like to know of any Patch Manager user who has successfully re-platformed their Patch Manager server to a newer version of Windows.

I have been advised by SolarWinds that they do not currently support migrating PM to a new server, only the SQL DB can be migrated, which I have performed.

But I need to re-platform the PM server from 2012 R2 to Windows server 2019 and our 300+ agents (yes we use the agent, due to firewalls).

So I am testing this in my lab and deleted PM and re-installed. So now my lab agents can't talk to new PM server due to EminentWare CA and Agent certificates being new, they are not trusted.

If I run the agent installer and ask it to request new certificates, my lab agent now appears happily in my new PM console, but I don't want to do this on 300+ servers. Disappointed

I have tested grabbing the certificates and loading them onto another lab agent, but this doesn't work, so my guess is that the Agent certificate must be generated by the PM server.

So how do I get my 300+ agents talking? Can anyone suggest a way. BTW, we deploy Agent via WSUS, I have tested removing software agent via PM, but it uses WMI, so fails. All our agents talk to the PM server over 4092.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Slight smile

  • To remove my agents I used the following PowerShell script. I found the switches for the WMI provider on another Thwack post.

    The alternative was to allow tcp 135 (rpc) and tcp 445 (smb) to all my agents from the PM server. As we have strict firewall policies in place I was not prepared to do this. If you don't then you can simply use the PM console to remove your agents.

    $Computers = Get-Content -Path C:\Scripts\PMservers.txt
    foreach ($Computer in $Computers)
    Write-Host "Removing PM agent from " $Computer
    invoke-command -ComputerName $Computer -ScriptBlock { start-process -Wait -FilePath "C:\ProgramData\{6645B314-5B2D-48A0-86A2-091DD1330188}\wmiproviders_2020.2.6.50026.exe" -ArgumentList "/s MODIFY=FALSE REMOVE=TRUE UNINSTALL=YES"}