Patch manager bandwidth throttling

We have a segment of our servers that is all on the same storage.  When we patch that group in patch manager their is a noticeable performance hit to the point that it kicks users out of applications that these servers provide or they are very slow.  The job takes 2.5 hours to complete patching 100 servers but the server's applications do not bog down until around an hour and a half into the task.  

I was looking and a few years back Patch manager did not have bandwidth throttling.  Does anyone know if this feature request was implemented as I can not find anything on it besides this 2017 article?

If bandwidth throttling is not a feature yet do you folks think that dividing these 100 server into more WSUS groups and running them separately would be the best option? 


  • So first things first, Solarwinds Patch Manager is a different product than Solarwinds MSP's N-Central Patch Manager, so the article you linked doesn't really apply.

    Solarwinds Patch Manager does have bandwidth throttling but that really only applies to the bandwidth used by Patch Manager to talk with other PM application/automation servers. agents, and directly to clients. Patch Manager's throttle will have no effect on clients connecting directly to your WSUS server.

    If your issue is the overall bandwidth including that of WSUS, then it might make sense to do as you're suggesting and split up your clients into groups and only run certain groups at certain times.

  • Thank you for the input.  I didn't realize what I had linked was a different product and didn't find anything searching this forum. 

    We are using patch manager to push out WSUS patches to these servers so they are patched a few hours before the schedule downtime where they are shutdown and brought back up in a certain order by a script.  I will test using the throttling and fall back to splitting out more groups if need.