Diffrence between NTM and Orion Map

Hi All,

can some one share tehir own experience on NTM and Orion MAp. which one is better, however it would be greate if you share clear diffrence between Orion map and NTM.

  • I don't think that NTM has been updated in 5 years (I could be wrong) so that tells you something. I do have a NTM license. I also have Orion maps. I haven't used NTM since Orion maps came out. 

    The only advantage to NTM is that if you are limited in licenses in Orion, you might not be able to map everything, because Orion maps needs the nodes and components added to map it. NTM doesn't care about that, and you get it scopes and credentials and it goes and does its thing. 

    Orion Maps can do a ton, and if you have multiple Orion products all the 'stuff" is available. If there is a missing feature (none pop out at me) from NTM its will likely get added as the capabilities of Orion Maps grows with each release. 

  • I'm the same as in that we have a license for NTM but haven't used it in quite a long time.

    If you don't own it currently there probably isn't a reason to get it. Orion Maps does everything we need.

  • is there any way to build heatmaps in "orion maps" or is this still only a feature in atlas?

  • No, as off now there is no any feature to create heat map under orion maps, but still you can use network atlas to use heat map.

    looking forward from soalrwinds team to create this feature under orion map :) 

  • Orion maps is still manual isn't it?  I mean you can not just put in a range and have it automagically scan and discover the network and have it rescan every so often correct? or am i missing something?