When will we be able to change properties of multiple devices???

This was something that was promised a year ago.  Selecting multiple devices and changing their primary node role.  I have 200 devices that are all IP phones but came up as ICMP nodes.  I want to select them all and change them to VoIP Phones.  My maintenance on this product is almost over and I was promised it would be done by now.

  • I have the same issue, but 100s to 1000s of laptops, voip phones and other items that I need NTM to be able to discover and map.  If I try to do it manually it will literally take hours to get a viable map of a small location.  Need to be able to create a map that looks like the ones on the demo videos.  How did they do those and how long did it take them?  Every video just gives a vague NTM can create this but no specifics on how.