Custom SWQL query for VLAN confirmation

Hi, I have a script on my system that moves two interfaces into a different VLAN and another that moves them back. I'd like to write a custom query that provides an indication on a dashboard as to which VLAN the interfaces are in and display a colour indicating this. I'm very new to SWQL. Is this possible and could anyone please get me started? Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated. It's actually a 10g port and a portchannel from one switch that get moved to another VLAN on that same switch. I created a custom property called "coupled_interfaces" and added those two interfaces. To view which vlans the interfaces are currently on I have to look at the running config of that switch. Can NPM tell which VLAN they are in without downloading a current running config? On that thought, I have live changes enabled in NCM, so everytime this change occurs the current running config within solarwinds would be auto downloaded and correct, so looking at the config of that interface within NPM would be accurate. Hope that makes sense, apologies for rambling.

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