Cisco 3560X Temperature module

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 cisco 3560 switches and while on one it shows 14 hardware sensors , on 2nd one it only shows 7. 

Also on second switch it only shows Gi1/2 module for both temperature and power supply . 

Can someone please help me understand how to fix this. 

Config is same on both switches. version 12.2(55)SE5.

Thank you.

  • Hi Octane13,

    I would start by doing a SNMPwalk of both devices and see if you're seeing the same difference in their output.
    And are both devices on the same versions (of firmware/OS/etc)?
    Are the devices in any sort of HA relationship, could one device be reporting for two (or more) pieces of physical hardware? 
    Do all of the Gigabit interfaces support temperature?  

    Once you've got those questions answered and you still don't have an answer I'd raise a support call. 


  • Thank you.

    All sorted. Reason one was showing half sensors was due to the difference in sfp modules on cisco .