Windows 11 Pro Poll Agent install

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  I am looking forward to resting.

I have the following scenario:

  • I have upgraded several wkstn nodes (which are all under my own control for testing) from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 11 Pro.
  • I have also exercised a complete wipe and fresh install of Windows 11 Pro on a previously Windows 10 Pro node.

Using NPM & SAM to monitor endpoint nodes within our network.  Windows Agent and Linux Agent installed to appropriate nodes.

On the upgrades, no problem occurring within our SW deployment.  However, on the node which was wiped and Windows 11 Pro installed fresh, I have been unable to deploy the agent either from the Orion Manager or from the node itself.  I have found this puzzling.  Our patches are installed and tested and this node has no new patches since the wipe and install.

Any ideas where or what may be lacking in my setup?  I am not doing anything out of the ordinary.  Just trying to streamline the Win11Pro rollout for our users.

Thanks.  Happy Holidays/Thanksgiving.