Watchguard Wireless Gateway Controller


We have 2 Watchguard Firewalls on our network (Site-2-Site VPN endpoints) which also act as Wireless Gateway controllers for the Wireless Access Points.

The APs are Watchguard Models AP120 / AP125 - there is an option to send SNMP traps from the APs on the Watchguard AP setup screen which I've enabled. I was expecting naively that if I re-polled the Watchguard Firewalls that the APs would show up as new Interfaces.. but they didn't..

I tried searching directly for the APs using IP addresses but this limits me to ICMP only and not SNMP

Anyone know how to set up SNMP traps on Watchguard APs (AP120 / AP125)

This is a new installation of Solarwinds / Orion so I'm a bit of a newbie to this

  • Hi there, 

    First of all, welcome to SolarWinds! There's certainly a lot to learn but you've come to the right place. 

    SolarWinds uses specific SNMP OIDs in order to verify if it can pull wireless AP data from a particular device, and all of those OIDs are listed in this one handy knowledge base article:

    Taking a quick look through, unfortunately it looks like you may be out of luck in terms of native support for this device but don't fret, as SolarWinds has lots of ways to add custom monitoring into the platform. 

    For this requirement, I would first try to get some documentation from the device vendor over what OIDs it puts out for each of the AP metrics, once you have that, you can create custom SNMP pollers using either the Device Studio, or the Universal Device Poller (UnDP) - each of these can be read about here:

    Armed with this knowledge you should be able to start pulling through whatever information SolarWinds is missing out of the box. 

    If this helps answer your question please mark my answer as confirmed to help other users, thank you!

    Marlie Fancourt | SolarWinds Pre-Sales Manager

    Prosperon Networks | SolarWinds Partner since 2006