What's the best way to copy/create the 'Top 10 Interfaces by Traffic' resource for a widget in a Modern NOC view dashboard?

There are several out of the box views/dashboards, specifically from the 'Top 10' view, that I would like to pull into a modern dashboard for our NOC. Has anyone created a SWQL that displays the same data and format of 'Top 10 Interfaces by Traffic', for example, for use in a Modern Dash widget? I can get close to it with the GQB but I'd love a direct conversion. 

Thanks in advance!

  • Hi there, 

    I have managed to make something like this that will hopefully set you on the right path:

    The SWQL query can be found here: 

    SELECT TOP 10 if.Node.Caption as [Node], if.Caption as [Interface], if.InPercentUtil as [Receive], if.OutPercentUtil as [Send], if.PercentUtil
    FROM Orion.NPM.Interfaces if 
    order by if.PercentUtil desc

    Then you can adjust the widget to be ordered by PercentUtil, but don't show that column.

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