Agent Management in Orion

Hi everyone,

We have problem related agent management on Solarwinds. We are monitoring 4K Devices with agent on 8 polling engines. Sometimes we realize that we cannot collect data from devices on some polling engines. We created a lot of tickets to Solarwinds support but we could not find root cause of this issue. We sent diagnostic a lot of times but nothing changed. 

We found Incoming exchange queue size performance counter statistic value is greather than 1 there was an issue about collect data from monitoring devices (agent). At the same time under the C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\AgentManagement\tmp files was growing continuously.

We know if these parameters grows continuously.there is a problem about polling engine communication with monitoring agent devices but we don't understand why this error occurs and how can we solve this issue? We don't understand why this error occurs. 

Due to this problem, our customer had serious doubts about the stability of the agent monitoring feature on the Solarwinds side.

  • Hi there,

    Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

  • Did you get an answer about this problem ? We have our MPE with the same problem, the perf counter you pointed is about 604k ! Solarwinds support is unable to help us and ask some non sense actions

    Collector/InformationServicev3/JobEngine have been reinstalled without help :(

    Once manually moved (.cfg edit) to another APE,it works. Once configured on MPE, statistics stop for the node/agent

    (and Agents status for all agents connected to MPE is "Agent is running / Connected" !)