Orion Maps : Auto connect topology not working

We are trying to create Orion Maps with a topology connections which are made automatically

One map works without a problem. We have created one and the connections were made automatically. 

But if we add other networks the connections are not made automatically anymore.

L2 and L3 topology is enabled in the resources.

The only thing we did was upgrade to the latest version of Orion 2020.2.4 coming from 2020.2.  

Is this a know issue maybe?



  • This is not a known issue . If you are able to see connections present from a node details "NPM Topology Widget" and you haven't disabled Topology Connections in the map properties panel, the connections should be present on the map. I am not certain what you mean by add other networks however. Keep in mind that the system requires both sides/ interfaces to draw the connection on the map. Otherwise it will not draw a connection when the interface is "unknown". Some screenshots can always be helpful in this case.

  • Ok that is good to know it is not a known issue.

    Below are some screenshots

    Core Switch. Both layer 2 and 3 are selected. This one has a connection to ACCSW1.

    Access Switch also layer 2 and 3 selected.

    Map both devices but no auto connection.

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  • Thats fine, but what is actually being detected by the NPM Topology engine? What are you seeing on the device details pages for each of these nodes in the NPM Topology Widget?

    In this example there are a number of connections, but the connections in which we understand and see the interfaces on each end are the ones that will be automatically added to the map. The one that states "Custom" was a connection defined through the editor for all Orion. The Unknown connections will not be visible by default.