Modern Dashboard for Volumes


I would like to create a modern dashboard with a table widget to see my volumes usage.

I didn't manage to see the available space in a "Humain" units. We just can see the space in bytes.

How to see/convert the different bytes values in a MB or GB units automatically?



  • I haven't been able to find an automatic way but this is what I did in order to convert the data. You would need to select the Hand-Edit SWQL option and use this Query:

    v.Node.Caption as NodeName,
    v.DisplayName as VolumeName,
    WHEN v.Size >= 1099511627776 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.Size/1099511627776,2), ' TB')
    WHEN v.Size >= 1073741824 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.Size/1073741824,2), ' GB')
    WHEN v.Size >= 1048576 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.Size/1048576,2),' MB')
    WHEN v.Size >= 1024 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.Size/1024,2),' KB')
    ELSE '0'
    END as VolumeSize,
    WHEN v.VolumeSpaceAvailable >= 1099511627776 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.VolumeSpaceAvailable/1099511627776,2), ' TB')
    WHEN v.VolumeSpaceAvailable >= 1073741824 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.VolumeSpaceAvailable/1073741824,2), ' GB')
    WHEN v.VolumeSpaceAvailable >= 1048576 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.VolumeSpaceAvailable/1048576,2),' MB')
    WHEN v.VolumeSpaceAvailable >= 1024 THEN CONCAT(ROUND(v.VolumeSpaceAvailable/1024,2),' KB')
    ELSE '0'
    END as SpaceAvailable,
    ROUND(VolumePercentUsed,1) as PercentUsed,
    v.Node.DetailsUrl as LinkForNode,
    v.DetailsUrl as LinkForVolume
    FROM Orion.Volumes as v
    ORDER BY VolumePercentUsed DESC

    Format the columns like so:


    Column 1

    • Description: Server
    • Format: Orion Entity
    • Icon: No Icon
    • DetailsUrl: LinkForNode
    • Label: NodeName

    Column 2

    • Description: Volume
    • Format: Orion Entity
    • Icon: No Icon
    • DetailsUrl: LinkForVolume
    • Label: VolumeName

    Column 3

    • Description: Size
    • Format: No Formatter
    • Value: VolumeSize

    Column 4

    • Description: Available Space
    • Format: No Formatter
    • Value: SpaceAvailable

    Column 5

    • Description: % Used
    • Format: Threshold Value
    • Visualization: Add a linear bar chart
    • Value: PercentUsed
    • Thresholds Percent Disk Space Used (Volume)

    Will look like this in the end:


  • Question, where are you using this view?

  • Hello,

    How would you filter this to show only fixed disks?