How do I troubleshoot false positives with Solarwinds?

We have had a few nodes there were down, but Solarwinds kept thinking they were up. We are monitoring them via ICMP, tried pinging from the poller and was getting no response, but solarwinds still showed green. The only thing that has fixed it for us is deleting the node and adding it again.   

My big question is how to I find out why Solarwinds is not reporting when a node goes down?  I can't send my diag file to SW due to Nerc-cip data so I am stuck looking at all the logs myself.  

  • Is your poller overwhelmed?


    look at the polling rate, if really high, it will adjust how often it polls the devices.

    It could also be the interval that was set on those nodes, or the default polling interval so the device was down, but it was not yet time to check the status.
    For an individual node, check the Polling section under edit properties.
    To look at the default for all nodes, check the polling intervals here:

  • No they only have a few nodes them and the false positive lasts days until I delete/re add it.