New Syslog Log Analyzer - tagging syslogs?

The docs say in the new Log Analyzer, you can tag syslogs, but I don't seem to have that option in any of the various locations I can configure rules. This is all I get:





It looks like I should be able to do this, according to this page. I tried looking in the Log and Event Settings and there doesn't seem to be a setting that explicitly enables or disables this feature.

  • Have you actually installed Log Analyzer and is it showing in your licenses?

    We had the exact same question and couldn't see this option only to discover that we were using the Orion Log Viewer and not Log Analyzer.

    We downloaded a trial of Log Analyzer but it was going to be too expensive for us to implement just to get tagging and other extras that came with it since we had a large number of network nodes.

    For what we required, the Orion Log Viewer ended up being sufficient enough.

    Read the FAQ section here --