Total Average of % availability

Hello fellow thwackers,

How do i get the average of the 8 availability %s on the table below of the nodes i am monitoring?

I tried a group report but it returns a different value relative to when i do the total average manually.

I would like to display the correct total average below the last row. 

Even a sample SWQL script is welcome.


  • We use an average over 30 days in a widget using the swql below.

    select avg(orion_responseTime_availability_avg) as Net_Avail
    from (
    SELECT TOP 2000 aggSub._avg AS Orion_ResponseTime_Availability_avg
    FROM Orion.Nodes n
    LEFT JOIN ( select i.nodeid, avg(i.availability) as _Avg from orion.ResponseTime i
    WHERE (i.DateTime > ADDDATE('day', -30, GETUTCDATE()))
    group by i.NodeID ) aggsub ON aggsub.nodeid=n.NodeID )

    However this is for our environment and the top 2000 reflects the 1900+ nodes we are monitoring.

    If you are only looking for certain nodes, then you would have to modify your where clause to only include the node id's you are wanting the results for and over what period, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly etc.

    Hope this helps

  • Honestly I have taken my availability reporting off of SolarWinds and use Power BI (it is a free tool) to do it. I am still using the SolarWinds data, but the display and filtering options far exceed that of any SolarWinds report.

    Let me know if you need any a assistance using SolarWinds data in Power BI. Below is a sample of what I was able to do without too much effort.


  • how get average availability of nodes by power BI ?