question about to supress alerts configuration

Hi Guys.

I have an issue related with Alert suppresion. I muted the alerts on a device and it's working fine but I have an alert defined to alert on a group status so if the node is part of a group I get an alert related with the group.

So I want to know if there's a way to stop alerts from the group. I mean, I know there's not option to mute alerts over a group but I believe that I'm missing to setup into the trigger conditions of the alert. In theory if a member group has "muted alert" the Solarwinds needs to validate and dismiss the alert.


Thanks a lot.

  • Would have to come up with something in SQL to join the group to the mute status of the children.  Definitely not available in the GUI.

  • Interesting question. One would think that would work but I think the "mute-feature" is on another place in the code. 

    What probably would work is instead of mute the node, unmanage the node. Then the node will never get a critical or down status.

  • Hi,

    I do get what you are saying, i have the same issue, however, muting a group, because 1 node is in maint, sounds
    like a bad idea, because, what if another node goes down. Do you want no alerting on that?

    I guess, in my case, i will review alerting on nodes and disable group alerts as a whole.
    Set alerting on the group 'master' as 'Group Down' because that will be TRUE, if that master goes down.

    If 1 node is down, the whole group isn't (mostly), or at least, not in my environment. so it should not alert anyhow.