Alerting with Enhanced Node Status

An initial thought I had when Enhanced Node Status came out was that since I would be able to include Application and Interface metrics into the determination of Node status, I might be able to retire some or all Interface and Application status alerts. I reasoned that I could potentially get away with a single "Node is in Warning/Critical Status" alert that would include the root cause variable in the notification telling me what was causing the node to be in a degraded state.

I believe that would work - except in the case where I am using a custom property for the Node, Interface and Application to contain an email address for alert notification. So, in a case where the email address is different depending on whether it is the node, interface or application that is the issue, it appears that I cannot yet build that level of "intelligence" into an alert based solely on Enhanced node status.

Am I correct, or have I missed how to do this? Or, so I still need separate alerts for nodes, interfaces and applications? Is a Group approach the answer?


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