Orion Maps - how do I add a specific map to a specific group

Pretty much as the title states, and probably I'm missing something really obvious.

So I've created a specific map - let's call it 'Map ABC' in Orion maps as I want to keep an eye on how this side of things is developing. I've even saved the map as Map ABC.

Now how do I get this map to display in a specific group called 'Map ABC Group'?

To add to the above, I have added a page / tab in the left hand side popout called "Orion Map" for the group, and I want to display this specific map, for this specific group, and only in this group. As a bonus, it would be nice if said map was available from any node in this group without any extra effort, but not essential.


EDIT: would be real nice if  this was dynamic and based on the group name a la Atlas, so that I don't have to do it for each, and every group.

  • Hi  

    Could you clarify a little please? Are you looking for a link to the map you have created for the ABC group to show up as an element option within the ABC group summary page? 

    Also, which view have you added the sub-page for the map on? The default node summary view?

  • Apologies, I may not be using the terminology correctly but let me try ....

    • Currently, if I select a group called ABC and I have in Network Atlas maps created one called ABC, then that displays in the group summary.
    • On this same group summary, I have created an additional tab within the left hand flyout menu called Orion Maps.
    • If I now select this tab I want to be able to see my Orion Maps generated map for ABC there - this will be different for each group.

    At present, if I select map ABC, then no matter what group I go to, I only ever see map ABC whereas I want to be able to see the map for that group - so ABC map appears on ABC, XYZ map appears on ZYX page and so on.

  • I appreciate the response but that is what we have now for Network Atlas maps. I think our approach is slighlty less cumbersome than the linked one as well.

    Add map widget in relevant location and ignore the 'select map' section.


    Instead, in the box below - map format name do this:


    But what I am very much after is how to do similar on a sub-tab, in the flyout, called  Orion Maps.

  • Apologies i misunderstood the question.

    We have what you have, a group, a network map tab and an orion map tab by default.

    The issue that we have is that the orion map tab dynamically populates each time it is selected, this throws all of the objects on screen in a random order, we can re-arrange this to reflect actual but we are unable to save that view.

    When we re-select the orion maps view they are random again.

    We have done what you appear to have done in creating a new tab for Orion Maps flyout but as like you it only allows one map for all groups

    Perhaps this might get fixed in a later release.

  •  and I will include  in this as well.  This is certainly something we would like to improve upon in the future but does have a lot of moving parts.  

    If I may, your ask essentially contains 2 specific details that are important to consider.  Today, in reality, 2 different types of Orion Maps exist.  There are maps created in the map editor and saved, similar to what you described in your case (Map ABC), as well as the contextual map sub-views which are automatically generated.  The Contextual Sub-View maps are dynamic and it is not currently possible to manipulate layouts, icons, etc... and have those changes persist.  

    Maps you build via the editor of course can be completely customized and tailored to what you need, and then visualized from an Orion Map widget in the dashboards.  

    One of the difficulties we have right now is how Groups function in that all group details pages share the same widgets, therefore adding an Orion Map widget and selecting Map ABC to be shown would result in MAP ABC showing up on every Group Details page. This is obviously not ideal. As mentioned in this thread, which even linked to one of my old posts, there was a way to overcome this from Atlas maps but is not available in Orion Maps. 

    Unfortunately making changes to Groups is a significant undertaking, and we hope to improve upon this in the future. I love the idea of a contextual widget of a specific map for all mapped members and something I would love to get into a future release also.   

    For now, the best option would be to create a custom view of entities and widgets which could include other metrics and a map.  You can alert and report on maps similar to groups including membership availability etc...

    I would certainly suggest feature requests to get more of the community to weigh in as well. Hopefully this helps.  

  • Yea, that's one of the reasons we don't want them to get rid of Network Atlas at this point, there are some things you can do in it that you can't do in Orion Maps.   We are doing pretty much exactly what you want in Network Atlas right now, displaying a "per group" map on each Group page.    Simply add a "Map" resource type and instead of selecting a map, go to the box that says "Map name format" and choose one of them, we choose "Group ${Caption}".    Then, lets say your group name is "Foo", simply edit a map named "Group Foo" in Network Atlas and save it, and that map will show up there, while for group "Bar", the map named "Group Bar" will show up.

    Putting nodes on the maps is quite easy too, just drag over everything that belongs and tell it to link them together, then rearrange them as you want.   In some ways Atlas is far superior to Orion Maps at this point.   This part I don't understand myself, but we have links that Orion Maps doesn't figure out, shows nothing connected for some switches.   Been working on it with support for months, although the ticket has been inactive for a bit while we "fix" something they say is preventing it.  But, if I throw the same nodes on to an Atlas map and tell it to connect them it does it just fine.   While I would think Orion Maps might not be any better than Atlas at figuring out those connections, I certainly don't expect it to be worse at it, but it is...

    I guess I'm trying to say, don't knock Atlas maps yet, Orion maps still has a way to go to get up to speed!!

  • >> I guess I'm trying to say, don't knock Atlas maps yet, Orion maps still has a way to go to get up to speed!!

    Absolutely, no knocking of Atlas here, except for its shortcomings

  • Ahhh then for once it isn't something I'm missing, have missed or my lack of knowledge - phew

    >> For now, the best option would be to create a custom view of entities and widgets which could include other metrics and a map. You can alert and report on maps similar to groups including membership availability etc...

    Understood, and hopefully I can work this one out.

    Thank you.

  • I am having the same issue, there does not seem to be a way to put a variable in the "Orion Maps" Wiget so If I edit a group (in my case a site like "Denver POP" ) and put the site map in that map shows for EVERY GROUP that uses the same template.