Solarwinds NPM API Integration with SDWAN Cisco Viptela Vmanage

Hi All,

I need to create the Solarwinds NPM API Integration with Cisco Viptela Vmanage controller so that i Pull the required info from Viptela Vmanage controller. I need to pull the device details under /dataservice/device.

Has anyone aware of this API Integration.



  • Hi All,

    Can someone have any Update on above requirement.



  • Depending on the number of devices that you are trying to monitor and your licensing you could have a look at SAM 2019.4 feature: API Poller. 

    It lets you poll certain statistics from the vmanage API, but unfortunately it does not scale very well (there is currently no way to create a template and assign it to multiple nodes).

    The other path that you could explore (the one that we are currently implementing) is to extract data from the API using custom code and storing it into a DB (we use a separate DB hosted on the Orion DB server) and then displaying the data in the web console using out of the box tools (Custom charts, reports etc), Custom HTML + JS or by embedding external sources (custom web apps or tools like Grafana). 

  • Hi guys, I can successfully use postman to post and get to vmanage but I can't work out how to perform the authentication procedure in the solarwinds "create API poller".

    Request URL:

      POST https://{vmanage-ip-address}/j_security_check


      Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded



    I use no authentication. Are there any missing headers? Different body format? Is there a different approach to vmanage authentication via solarwinds?