Current Response Time Calc

Does anyone know *specifically* how the numbers are derived for the Current and Average Response Time measurements?

We're into some "dicussions" with our provider about response times, and we really, really, really need to know exactly where and how Orion comes up with the number.

Numbers are coming from cisco routers, using SNMP, IOS 12.2


Don Barry
Kirby Corp I.T. Ops
"Barges, not vacuum cleaners"
  • I asked this question some time ago while troubleshooting
    a packet loss/missed pings issue we were having.
    The current response time is the latency figure from the last
    ping to the node (you can find this figure in the database).
    As far as the Average response time, well that is a different
    story. I was told that it was calculated using a custom calculation
    based on a certain number of previous response times. This is the
    "secret recipe" that you are paying for when you buy this software,
    so I doubt that you will get the *specific* formula.
    Based on what I see when Netperfmon is started for the first time,
    my guess is the average/min/max response times are based on at least
    5 previous polls, as it takes about 30 minutes before you can see
    this data on the graphs(I have the polling engine set not to do a
    baseline when Netperfmon first starts up).