Polling backup method for Orion NPM

Good Afternoon Everyone,

             I came into the office this past Monday morning to discover that the server running Orion had a "BSOD" around 5am Monday morning. Of course the only reason I noticed this issue was the webpage severed by Orion wouldn't open. I was also unable to remote into the server and or ping the server. The OS is a Windows Server 2008 R2 running in our virtual environment. So I ended up restarting the server from the Vsphere client in VMware. After the server rebooted I haven't had an more issues this week with it. After researching the reason of the BSOD it wasn't very clear. Said it could have been the Cmos battery all the way to software drivers. So still investing why this happened...

           My question is there any stand alone alert module that I can install on another system to ping, WMI, or SNMP my Orion server to have a back up encase something ever happens to my server again? I am sure I can't be the first person to run into this problem lol. I do have another server running the NTA database. So not sure if there is something I could stick on that system to monitor the main Orion server.

Thanks in advance for your help!