Discovery profiles have disappeared!

We had half dozen discovery profiles configured, and they have simply disappeared!  I only noticed following the upgrade to NPM12, however, I have seen this happen several times before, but cant remember if it was following an upgrade, so cant really blame that!

Anyway to recover these?  If not, do I essentially have to rediscover my entire network, then painstakingly edit device credentials, as we don't use the same creds across all of our devices.  It also takes about 4 hours to do a full discovery of a /18 network (would be great to use CDP!), then I have to work through hundreds of switches to select the right creds for those that don't match the default, probably another hour or two's work!

Why are they disappearing!

  • Hi, so let's go one by one.

    Why they are disappearing?

         - Discovery profiles have defined retention period on Settings / Polling settings page. If your profile didn't run for specified number of days, discovery profiles are deleted by the database maintenance. If they were deleted during the upgrade, it's for support ticket (although not sure why we would do that).

         - The fact that discovery profiles disappeared doesn't mean you need to readd all your devices. They are basically already added and monitored and have assigned monitoring credentials. What you'll potentialy missing are results from periodic scheduled discoveries (and following adding of e.g. new intervaces, volumes etc.).

    If you have some complex discovery profiles you don't want to miss, run those profiles from time to time or set the retention to high value.

    I hope it helps to understand what's up. If you suspect some substandard behavior, please create the support ticket to investigate deeper.



  • FYI, I had a ticket open w/ support.  we went round and round....ultimately, the profiles get deleted regardless of last time they ran or if they are scheduled to run again...irrelevant.  you need to set the retention to 9999 or something.

    I had quite a few /18s set up to be scanned and have to re-enter...though I'm waiting until we can upgrade to 12.0 so I can do excludes on interfaces, etc. in the profile.

    @jan pelousek - I'm not sure why either....didn't make sense to me....

    Admin -> thesholds and polling ->

    Discovery Retention 

      days Discovery profiles will be deleted from the database after configured days.

  • Cheers for the tips..  Seems daft that it would get deleted if part of an active schedule!!   Id forgotten I posted this, and only looked after another one had been deleted..

  • Amazingly, the problem is still actual for 2020.2.6
    All my profiles disappeared due to retention interval. Any way to recover?