UnDP graphing and use


I've got some UnDPs setup to monitor and poll some APC UPS devices for all battery related info etc., as well as some APC NetBotz devices for temperature readings (single values). Currently the only way I see to graph these on the web console are to utilize the Multiple Universal Device Pollers Chart. This does a decent job of showing the visuals, however it is lacking features. Is there a way to display this information in a chart that's more in line with some of the other standard charts? For example to enable to ability to hover over and display which exact stats are peaking and show it at X and Y times etc.

Curious if there's any way to get this info into one of the more feature-rich graphs or if anyone has a few tips/tricks up their sleeve to help out. Would really like to be able to display this nicely in a chart/graph.

Perhaps this will evolve into a feature request or -- is already one? I did search through the feature requests and couldn't find anything for UnDP graphs etc., or related really.

Any help (or guidance) is appreciated!

  • Kudos to the thwack community as most of this was pieced together from existing info of UnDP's etc. I made a custom NetBotz UnDP but it was pieced together to serve my own purpose with mostly parts from existing templates and info found on thwack.

    Wanted to put this out there for everyone, I ended up figuring it out. Took quite some digging and messing around but I finally tweaked it and got it into the web console with the newer looking UI. (Phew!) I wasn't a big fan of the UnDP charts that are available by default.

    The specific resource I used was a 'Custom Chart' to put all this info into the web console. Here's the end result: (the temp info is new so excuse my very boring charts.. emoticons_happy.png)


    I also pulled this together with aLTeReGo​'s UPS UnDP for a UPS and TempMon summary page. emoticons_happy.png You can find that here: APC SmartUPS Universal Device Pollers

    I imported all the UnDP's which wasn't a problem, I posted it here, but is similar to a few others on thwack: Multiple APC NetBotz Environment Monitor

    To put together the custom chart resource I:

    1) Select DataSource

    2) Use Advanced Selector

    3) Report on Custom Node Poller

    4) Add your conditions...

           In my case I used 'Node Name is equal to envmon5' (this specific NetBotz device has 6 environmental probes on it)

           Then I limited it to just UnDP's that end with F (I named all my UnDP's for this Temp#C or Temp#F, for 1-24, e.g. Temp1C, and Temp1F)

           So all the UnDP pollers for this device ending in F are the Fahrenheit transforms which I want to chart.


    5) I added on the left y-axis the Raw Status, removing the display name so it only shows the description, with a custom unit of F for Fahrenheit.

    6) I used the data grouping feature so:

         Group chart data by Unique Name (it complained if I didn't pick something.)

         Legend shows Description -- I set the description of the UnDP to be the actual unique name of the Sensor which required some tinkering of the .undp file.

    Submit and Presto!

    This is a niche setup perhaps but hopefully somebody finds it useful and could potentially save you some time.