Interface Capacity not matching with data

Currently, we have a query for pulling interface capacity from the InterfacesForecastCapacity table.  We get results (seen below), but if we compare it to the Min/Max/Avg bps In/Out chart on the interface view we see that the the forecasted capacity from our report is not falling in line with the actual usage.  So the thought is that the report should be actually showing that the interface is closer to capacity than it says than the showing XX amount of days if the chart is showing that utilization/usage is peaking several times.


We have traced the tables back to where the forecast capacity is getting its data:

•InterfacesForecastCapacity > InterfaceTraffic_ForecastCoefficients > InterfaceTrafficUtil_Update:

    •• InterfaceTraffic_Hourly, InterfaceTraffic_Daily, InterfaceTraffic_Detail