pinging on non ICMP ports

We have a number of non-snmp devices that we would like to monitor with Orion. Some of these devices are limited to non standard TCP ports for ICMP such as 5000, 9090, 7015 etc. Is there a way of getting Orion to ping on these non-standard ports?
  • The current version of Orion NPM does not offer this functionality. I'm not sure if it's on the roadmap or not...
  • That's a shame. We were hoping to integrate the functions of 'ServersAlive!' into Solarwinds - this does allow what is on the face of it a simple feature.
  • I suggested the same thing over a year ago, when we first deployed
    Orion 5. Being able to monitor TCP & UDP services on devices would
    greatly increase the marketing potential of this product.

    We currently use Big Brother to monitor services on servers, and would
    drop it in a second, if it was incorporated into Orion.
    (I know, I know, BB is GNU software, but this means we could use
    the Sun server it is running on for bigger & better things).

    Actually, I am using Big Brother to monitor the Orion server
    for connectivity and the HTTP service! How else will you know
    when your monitoring server goes down emoticons_happy.png