Can we alert for SNMP not responding nodes?

Hi all,

I searched about this topic but all are very old so wanna know if we can alert for nodes which are not responding to SNMP.

I have only 5-6 nodes for which alerting is required.

So can anyone help me on this?

We actually had an issue for some devices where they were found in hung state and they had reboot the device to bring to normal. So according to me setting up non responsiveness to SNMP will atleast meet this requirement.

  • Ok I see now If you set status different up? Ane test a single node after for more .

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    Can we alert for SNMP not responding nodes?

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  • You may find the simplest, most straight-forward solution is to put the Hardware Health Overview window on your front page.  It'll show any devices that stop responding to snmp as "Undefined", and will update automatically in real time.


    To get this into your home page, open Orion NPM. The top right corner of the page should have a link called "Customize Page". Click on it and add the "Hardware Health Overview" to any of your columns, and move it up or down to the position you think makes best sense.


    Then all you need do is click Done, and watch for that green circle to show a Gray line, and for the gray "Undefined" count to show anything greater than zero. Click on the "Undefined" link to see which nodes have stopped responding to snmp.

  • This worked perfectly for me.... was able to test it yesterday for a new customer... thanks for sharing it,,,

  • RichardLetts

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the simple and effective query.

    One of our device is responding to SNMP but i'm getting that device in the results for the query you given here, do you have any idea/suggestion on this? what i need to suppose to check?

  • Is Solarwinds polling the device? Does the alert clear if you do a 'poll now' on the device?

  • Yes, solarwinds is able to poll and I can see tge interface statistics. Did poll now and rediscovered and unmanaged and managed again but alert stays in the dashboard .

  • can you paste your trigger condition here?

  • I like this idea (hardware status unknown), but it does not seem to work for Linux virtual appliances. Would it be accurate to say that these Linux vm's do not actually have a "hardware status"? That's what it looks like to me. If this is correct, then is our only option to do something like this with LastSystemuptimepollUTC:

    WHERE (s.LastSystemuptimepollUTC < DATEADD(HOUR,-72,GETUTCDATE())
    OR s.LastSystemuptimepollUTC IS NULL)

    Thanks in advance!!