Can't get a newly-added resource to display in a view

We recently upgraded to NPM 12.0.1. Right now, I've added a view called 'Aruba Switch' and I'd like to add the 'All VLANs on this Node' resource to the view. I'm going into the 'Manage Views' section, selecting my 'Aruba Switch' view from the list of views, and clicking the Edit button. Then in the columns of resources, I've added 'List of VLANs on Node' by searching for the resource, checking the box next to this selection in the Add Resource window, then the Add Selected Resources button at the bottom of the window. The selected resource now appears in the appropriate column, but after clicking the Done button and returning to the All Nodes list and opening up one of my switches to view Node Details, the resource doesn't appear there. I've added a couple of other resources (node related syslog messages and traps summary) to the column and they show up fine, but not this one.

The switches do have several vlans configured on them.


  • I have a theory. It seems that the All VLANs on This Node resource works fine on some devices, but not on others. I created a new view called 'Switch' that included this resource, then applied the view to a Cisco 2960 and an Aruba S1500 - shows up fine on the Cisco switch, but not on the Aruba switch. The other resources I selected for the new view showed up on both switches - but evidently the VLAN list resource is a Cisco-centric one.......anyone have a similar experience?