Moving Orion Database from one drive to another on the same box

I have been looking through a lot of the posts here but haven't found the situation that I'm in.  The person that originally setup Orion installed everything on the C:\ Drive and there is a data drive (D:\) with quite a bit more space.  Would I go through the normal steps of migrating it to the D Drive like I would to a different server? 

Orion NMP 8.5.1




  • I know this is from several years ago. I was in a similar situation as david.jones where our Orion SQL database was installed on the C drive. We installed another drive and migrated the database over to it. To get Orion to recognize the change, we ran the Configuration Wizard on the Orion Server after the migration. That took care of it. I hope this helps another person down the line.

  • Hi david.jones.  What I do is from the Orion Service Manager, I "shutdown everything."  Then on the SQL Sever Management Studio, I would detach the SolarWindsOrion database by righ-clicking SolarWindsOrion database then choosing Tasks->Detach.  There will be two check boxes, "Drop Connections" and "Update Statistics," I check them both then click OK.  Once the database successfully detached, I would use Windows Explorer and go to the location of SolarWindsOrion "SQL Server Database Primary data files".  Their names are SolarWindsOrion, SolarWindsOrion_FG1, SolarWindOrion_FG2, SolarWindsOrion_FG3 and so on.  They have the .mdf extensions.  Depending on the size of your database, there can be more SolarWindsOrion_FG# files.  The FG stands for "File Groups."  Aside from that, there is a SolarWindsOrion_log file.  Copy all these file to the new location.  The new location should be accessible by the SQL server instance.  You can create a folder with a name you want then paste the copied files there.  Make sure you copied all the file groups for SolarWindsOrion.  After a successfull copy, you may now attach the files from the new location.  Go back to SQL Management Studio, then right-click Databases, then click Attach.  Click the Add button, then locate the drive and the folder where the new copy of SolarWindsOrion.mdf files are pasted.  Select the SolarWindsOrion.mdf file and click OK. Then click OK.  Now, the SolarWindsOrion database should be back online.  You can now go back to the Orion Service Manager and click "start everything."  If everything is working as expected, you can now delete the old files you from the original location.  Be careful not to delete anything else.

    Remember, you must at least have a maintenance support so you can create a ticket in case you break something when you try this.  Better yet, create a ticket with the tech support first, to verify if this procedure is applicable for your environment.  Also, remember to do a backup before doing the procedure, or practice first on a non-production environment.