UnDP for AVTech RoomAlert 32E/W?

Anyone has a Universal Device Poller for AVTech RoomAlert 32E or 32W?



(I tried to user other ABTech device pollers: 12E, 24E - no cigar.)

  • (I see this is an old thread but thought I'd post anyway for the greater good.)

    I'm using RoomAler3E (not 32E) in my environment and have learned a thing or two.

    The OID imbeds the product number.  NPM didn't have the MIB for the 3E but by playing around I was able to figure out the proper OID.

    For example, in the following OID...


         20916 = avtech

         1 = "products"

         9 = RoomAlert3E

    I believe the value for RoomAlert32E is 8.

    Another thing I've learned and struggled with is that RoomAlert returns the temperature in an integer.  If the actual temperature is 72.4 deg F the device returns 7240.  This throws my gauges and charts a little wacky.  I've tried using a transform to divide by 100 so NPM will display 72.4 but NPM doesn't seem to like that.  The transform poler just returns -1.  Don't know why,