NOC Views (I don't want to recreate the wheel)

Does anyone know of a place where we can view predefined NOC view examples and how to create them?


  • To answer your question directly on some NOC views other people have made: Show us a NOC view and get 500 thwack points!

    For "how to make a NOC view", see below.

    NOC views are more simple than they sound. Here's how you create them:


    1. Take an existing view/create a view
    2. Click customize (top right, requires your account to have view customization or you won't see this)
    3. Add tabs to that view for additional data you will want to use for NOC view, customize each tab with whatever you want on that tab's view
    4. Enable NOC View

    What NOC view does is rotate between the individual tabs of that particular view.

    As far as what to create, I believe that would probably be your own preference? Maybe you first want to find a view page, click customize, hit the plus to add resources, and dig through the kinds of resources for the things you want. There's a lot that are not always put on a singe page and as the solarwinds admin you are going to have to define what you want to see and where it should go. That's kinda step one, if you will.

  • Take a look at this link:

    Create a NOC view

    There is also a video that shows how this is done. If you need any further guidance, send me a PM and I'll give you a hand emoticons_happy.png

  • Old post but I was responding to another question. Here is our NOC Dashboard. Custom SQL filters only allow alarms we deem appropriate to display on this view. Custom property added for CompanyRole must have *yes escalation in the field or it won't show up here. NOC Dash.jpg