Cisco Nexus and NPM Syslog


We are replacingour core with Cisco Nexus 7k, 5k, and 2k.  We have configured them for snmp and syslog  to point to our NPM server.  However snmp traps dibble in at very intervals and no syslog slows up at all.  Our CatOS and IOS have no trouble sending snmp and syslog to NPM?  We watnt o start a level of debugging to start.  Any help would be greatly apreciated .



  • Hi,

    I have a number of Nexus 5k's which are sending syslogs to NPM without issue, and I don't recall having to do anything particularly special to enable the functionality.  I know that by default the syslogs will want to use the management vrf  -- are you expecting to reach your NPM server via the management vrf, or another vrf?  If it's a different vrf, add the use-vrf <vrf name> to the end of your logging server x.x.x.x command and see if that works.

    Good luck!