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While Webem testing we are reeving error RPC Unavailable

Hi Guys,

  we are unable to add the node with WMI polling method in solarwinds. We are getting WMI test failed. we have to do the trouble shoot from our end

we checked Windows WMI credentials

we checked ports and firewalls also

finally we are doing webem testing we are receiving RPC unavailable in solarwinds server.

why it is getting the RPC unavailable. can you please let me know.   what needs to be checked for RPC unavailable.

Thanks and Regards,


  • If you are certain the credentials are correct and the required ports are open and reachable it suggests an issue with the target node. Are you seeing the same problem adding all windows nodes or is this isolated to a single machine?

  • you may want to check the RPC service of the target machine and do some troubleshooting on it, since wbemtest is test connection from Windows and if the pre-requisite information are correct then it would possibly the target machine issue.