Alerting on "vCenter Status" under "Virtual Center Details" Resource

I was working on setting some Advanced Alerts through Alerts Manager for our VM Hosts and was wondering how I can create an alert when the "vCenter Status" goes down or cannot be polled?  I am not seeing anything related to vSphere or VMWare under the "Type of Property to Monitor" on the Trigger Alert tab.  Is this under another category? 


  • I know it's been 4 years but I'm looking for this as well. We are currently having some issues with LDAP for the vCenter and I would like to create an alert each time vCenter status is "Could not Poll". The vCenter server itself is up.


  • Looking in to this after an incident end of last week. We discovered datastore alerting previously configured and working failed because a vcenter had permissions for the monitoring account access changed: Still Read Only but had changed to be only for 'This Object' and not for 'This Object and it's children' which is what worked previously.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.31.05.png

    Not a SW caused issue but SW was blind by the permissions screw up on that vCenter.

    How to alert if that happens again? I also can not find anyway to monitor on that vcenter going unknown status. As per SW instruction, the vcenter is only polled via ICMP and everything else is via VMWare creds.

    The only workaround I have found so far is that if that cred goes away again, I can trigger on soemthing else going unknown, clusters or datastores, not on the vcenter itself. This is messy as instead of one, 'fix this alert, I'll end up triggering potentially 50, 'fix something else' alerts.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 10.41.56.png

    Does anyone have a better way?

  • Think I just managed this after guidance from what I found in another thwack thread which led me where to look and tweaking slightly:

    Try a SQL alert on:

    Starts with: SELECT Nodes.Caption, Nodes.NodeID FROM Nodes

    add on:

    join VIM_VCenterNodes VCN on VCN.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID

    where VCN.managedstatus ! = 1

    Then for the alert action I chose to do an email:

    Subject:  Critical: vCenter ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption} errorred when polling


    Critical: vCenter ${N=SwisEntity;M=Caption} polling encountered an issue, please check Availability and (Your vmware monitoring account) permissions.

    You may lose visibility on all remote locations, no data is being gathered from datastores and hosts and VMs at vSphere level.

    Status: ${SQL: SELECT VCN.ManagedStatusMessage FROM Nodes

    join VIM_VCenterNodes VCN on VCN.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID

    where VCN.managedstatus ! = 1}

  • In the below query

    join VIM_VCenterNodes VCN on VCN.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID

    where VCN.managedstatus ! = 1

    What is meant by ManagedStatus !=1, which all status will come under this?

  • What I remember was I noticed ManagedStatus changed when there was an issue, ie 1 was ok, if not 1 a problem existed and the other field gave a message with details.